Sometimes I forget about art

…don’t you?


Peter Tunny, Time is Always Now, mixed media

I used to spend a lot of time in art galleries and exhibitions when I was in college and shortly after I graduated with my BA in Studio Art and Art History. I felt constantly inspired, and if not inspired at least inquisitive. I understand that for many who don’t have a particular interest in art, or who are simply unfamiliar with how to approach it, it can be an overwhelming sensory experience. For those who feel they might fall into this category, I strongly suggest that you hone in on a specific artists special exhibition so that your journey has a bit of a focus. There is something to be said about the story behind the work, their timeline. The different phases and stages of their life and how it is reflected in their work…the suffering and the joy both equally pleasing somehow. I encourage you all to give art a chance to impact you in some way, any way possible.

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of ArtHamptons and I left there with nothing but a mind full of ideas, and a fresh outlook on everything. I had been pretty lost in my daily schedule, with some rocky points this week and it was just the antidote I needed. I didn’t even realize I was stressed and wound tightly until I let myself get lost in an enormous gallery for hours. The variety of work not only inspired me, but also reached into my being and refreshed and renewed the creative vigor I was so lacking these past few days. I know, right?


If you can’t get to ArtHamptons this weekend…

Don’t miss out on the Expo: 1 exhibits, in particular the Rain Room at the MoMA in NYC through July 28.

If you want to do a great walking tour of some work with focus on the individual artist, check out the Chelsea galleries in NYC. This is one of my favorite ways to check out some fresh work and alternate viewings with, of course, eating.

There is a great PUNK costume exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that looks really fun and playful…also, you’ll be in the MET. Which is always a good thing.


Happy viewing, and hopefully, creating.

xo. alicia.

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