Mind Over Matter…and cookies.

Willpower is described as the ability to resist the impulses that we come in contact with and control oneself and determines one’s actions.




Just a few days ago, I read about a study that showed people with self-control are happier.  I read the article as I sat in the small gym where I work, conveniently located right across the sidewalk from the delicious Levain Bakery.  People rarely walk into the gym, but there is a constant line through the bakery doors.  The Barry’s Boot Camp just a few doors down is constantly crowded and you wouldn’t believe how many people dressed in gym clothes, sweaty from an hour of intense exercise, trot on over to Levain to get their tasty cookies, pastries, and pizzas!


Yes, I know this seems crazy but I want to say that exercising across from the bakery is good!  I think that you should take a class at Barry’s across from a Levain Bakery (and don’t stop in after every class).  Buy the gummy vitamins at Target (and only eat the recommended serving each day).  Bake the cake you love to make for your friend’s party (and only eat one piece to celebrate at the party).  Test and strengthen your willpower!


By no means am I saying to cut out all treats in your life.  Just make sure you reward yourself with actual rewards (not always cupcakes or ice cream) and keep a system of checks and balances going throughout your day.  If you work out at Barry’s Boot Camp and are constantly passing the Levain Bakery, let yourself stop in every fifth time!  Levain Bakery will be there on your fifth time to Barry’s, I promise.  Stay strong!  You will feel more confident, in control, and the positive thoughts will flow.  If you eat a couple extra gummy vitamins one day, don’t get down.  Keep your long- term goals in mind and take care of your body and mind!

Next post will be about setting goals and planning to succeed!


Best of luck!


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