tRK Style: Gifted & Thrifted

by Kara Hoblin

Your wardrobe is a direct reflection of yourself in many ways. It is a means of artistic and self expression. Abiding by the social norms and generic dress codes never made anyone happy, so I dare you to take a step outside of your comfort zones and try something new.

My mother introduced me to my first thrift store when I was about 8 years old, at least that’s the first time I really remember it. At first impression it had a peculiar stench of old books and moth balls. I wasn’t sure what we were looking for or why we were there; this isn’t where you bought “cool” clothes. 
Times have changed and there is an aura of “originality” when you say “thrifted, vintage, or found” and honestly thrift stores are a great deal. The only difficulty is finding a decent priced store in an era where pop culture (just one example: Macklemore) praises them for being cool. The once easily discovered gems where you could find $1 tee shirt or a $3 dollar skirt are almost lost in NYC and fading in Long Island. So I am grateful there are a few church thrift stores and opportunity shops left on the North Fork. In Addition to my love of vintage clothing, I am also a big supporter of local business. I would rather spend money at a small town clothing/gift shop or a unique jewelry boutique instead of wasting my money on mass produced pieces that anyone can purchase online or in huge department stores.
My objective was to keep it very casual for a summer day. Each look is under $50 compiled of some thrift store finds and some beautiful gifts I’ve recieved. The first is a floral pencil skirt from the Opportunity shop in Greenport, NY,  A Scrimshaw Tshirt from Local Knit, and blue canvas sneakers. The second look is a thrifted red dress (thanks mom), a denim shirt from UO, and Sam Edelman sandals (a gift from a very lovely friend of mine, the creator of @poppydarling). Take a risk and have some fun!
Stay tuned for next weeks post about Natural Tie Dying.
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