Go for the goal, but keep it real

by Cara Oslager

It’s almost a new month!  Let’s get plannin’!

In high school, my friends thought it was amusing to steal and hide my daily planner throughout the day, leading me to have minor anxiety-based breakdowns and make a fool of myself searching and digging through my things trying to find it….. I swear I wasn’t a huge nerd!  You believe me, right?  Anyway, moral of the story is that I am a HUGELY dependent planner.


Setting goals is something I took very lightly until about a few years ago when I took a class for my major called Exercise Psychology.  We spent about a month not only learning about how to set up and plan for goal success but working towards accomplishing little goals we set for ourselves as well.  GOAL SETTING IS HARD.  But once you see progress, you will feel like you’re on a roll, I promise.


  • Make it SPECIFIC!  Including duration of time you are giving yourself to accomplish this goal, how often you will practice and work toward achieving your goal, and why this goal is important to you.
  • Make sure your goal is accomplishable in the set amount of time that you give yourself.  Be realistic!
  • Think of barriers that are going to prevent you from accomplishing that goal and find two to three reasons and actions you can take to overcome those barriers.
  • Plan out your week including a detailed description of how you’re are going to fit in activities and actions to accomplish your goal.  Cross off the task once you’ve completed it that day… you won’t believe the confidence and power you feel from the cross-off!
  • Tell others about your goal so that you feel more committed through sharing your personal accomplishments with your friends and family.  Just be sure you are working on this goal for YOU and no one else… it’s okay to be selfish here.
  • Motivate yourself through little rewards.  Once you have set your goal, go out and buy something that will help you achieve your goal!  For example, going to buy a new pair of sneakers if your goal is to begin a walking program.
  • Don’t get down if you mess up for a day or two, just get back on task throughout the next few days and you will feel brand new.


Email us @ therighteousknife@gmail.com with any questions about setting up and accomplishing your personal goals.

FYI: My goal until the end of September is to run eight miles a week, with at least one day being three and a half miles.  I can break up the runs throughout the week based on how much time I have (give yourself a little tiny bit of flexibility so that you aren’t bummed if something comes up).  I hope all the TRK gals set a little goal for themselves as well.  I’ll be sure to check in and do a quick update with you next post!

-posted by Cara

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