Quest for a less-sinful frozen dessert begins…

by Cara Oslager

Frozen Desserts

I’m all about dessert.  I would gladly choose a chocolate-vanilla swirl cone with rainbow sprinkles over an extra drink  or even chips/pretzels/chex mix all combined.  My sweet tooth has lead me to try many, many different frozen desserts in search for something that is not sinful, but still has the flavor and taste to satisfy my cravings.  I did a quick review of a few recent purchases:

Talenti Sorbetto: Alphonso Mango Flavor

talenti alphonso mango sorbetto pint


  • simple and natural
  • 130 calories per serving (1/4 of the container)
  • 33 g of sugar


  • sweet, flavorful, creamy
  • great for someone who loves fruity dessert

Wink Frozen Desserts: Cocoa-dough

cocoa-dough wink



  • vegan, fat free, sugar free, soy free, nut free, dairy free, egg free
  • 25 calories per serving (1/4 of the container)
  • no sugar!
  • uses vegetable protein


  • GROSS- extremely icey, fake chocolate chalky flavor- bad protein powder like, stevia sweetness tastes artificial, not at all creamy or smooth
  • might be okay if you like cocoa flavored protein ice
  • saw on healthy girl’s instagram, purchased at Whole Foods, thought it was too good to be true and of course it was….

I even had to include a photo of the inside to show the texture…

Good Humor: York Peppermint Patty 



  • 170 calories per “bar”
  • less sugar and slightly less fat
  • not exactly all natural ingredients


  • perfect flavor balance between minty peppermint ice cream and crunchy chocolate coating
  • truly delicious

Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies: Milk Chocolate

IMG_20121025_093403_485 (800x596)


  • 130 calories per banana
  • lower in fat


  • frozen banana covered in milk chocolate coating- can you get much better (you can… there is a option that includes peanuts but that adds so many calories!)
  • banana tends to be a bit icey at first but after it warms up a bit, banana becomes a bit creamier
  • overall great option for a not-so-bad-for-you dessert

These are only a few options.  Here are some keys to remember: Look for desserts labeled “snack size”, this way you can have the taste and flavor but make sure you are maintaining portion control.  Pay attention to serving sizes on desserts and all treats!

Please let us know about your favorite options so we can add them to the list and happy eating!

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