Holiday Season workout

by Cara Oslager

You ate a ton on Thanksgiving  I’ve been MIA (Sorry!).  This is pretty much because I’ve been eating a ton too…. between the cold weather, my travels to Madrid and Salamanca, and the holiday, I have not been on my best behavior when it comes to eating healthfully.


Soooo… I have good news and bad news… I’ll deliver the bad news first.  Here it is- the holidays aren’t over (this is also awesome news- I love the holidays!) and this means all of those tempting delicious foods that we have a hard time saying “no” or “just a little…” to, are not gone yet.  But the good news is- we can save ourselves this holiday season with some kickass workouts.  Here are some suggestions when it comes to combating the holiday bulge…


1. Start a fitness program or download an app!  Here are some of my personal favorites:

–       Couch to 5K app- (it’s exactly what it sounds like) I did this one last winter and loved it, not only did I loose some weight while doing it, I felt much more confident and proud of myself to be following a specific program

–       Nike Training app- This one is awesomeeee!  You can track workouts (that they give you), progress, and try new exercises that you might not have known of otherwise.  This app offers videos of the exercises suggested and it is super helpful if you feel like you are in a rut when it comes to doing your own workout.

– This website is great for new workouts as well!  Many routines involve only basic equipment so workouts may only require dumbbells.  There are motivational stories and weekly workout suggestions as well.  I look at this site at least once or twice a week for new ideas.

2. Get a workout buddy and start planning your weekly workouts together.  For example, on Mondays, you will meet before work and do a full body weight room circuit, on Wednesdays you will go to the spin class together that you’ve been too nervous to try on your own, and on Fridays, you guys can meet up at one of your houses to do a three mile run!  Not only is it more motivating to workout with a friend, but it is a lot more fun as well!

3.   Check in at!  I will post a weekly workout on the site at the beginning of each week!  If there are ever any questions about what certain exercises are, you may feel free to youtube them… this is what I do myself since there are SO many different names for the same exercise J.


The First Beat the Bulge Holiday Workout: (most of these exercises can be done at home with a set of dumbbells or kettle bells)


Warm Up:

–                    30 seconds: Jumping Jacks

–                    30 seconds: Sumo Squats

–                    30 seconds: Split Lunge Jumps (alternating legs)

–                    30 seconds: Mountain Climbers (fast!)

–                    1 minute: Plank!!!


Legs Circuit: (go through each circuit without breaks in between exercises, after the first round through the circuit, break for 30-45 seconds, and begin the same circuit one more time)

–                    Squat and Press- 15x (use a 5-15 lb dumbbell or kettle bell)

–                    Lunge to Front Kick- 15x/ side

–                    Sumo Squat- 20x (hold a 5- 15 lb dumbbell or kettle bell)

–                    Side Lunges- 15x/ side


Chest/ Back Circuit: (same fashion as first circuit)

–                    Single Arm Dumb Bell Row- 12x/ side (use 8-15 lb dumbbell or kettle bell)

–                    Push Ups- 15x (on knees if you are loosing form)

–                    Breast Stroke- 10x

–                    Chest Flys- 15x (use 5-15 lb dumbbells)


Shoulders Circuit: (same fashion as previous circuits)

–                    Around the World Shoulders- 10x (use your lightest dumbbells!)

–                    Front Raises- 20x (alternating arms, use 5-10 lb dumbbells)

–                    Plie Squats with Lateral Raises- 12x (use 5-10 lb dumbbells)

–                    Bent Reverse Flys- 10x (use 5-10 lb dumbbells)


Biceps and Triceps Circuit: (same fashion as previous circuits)

–                    Narrow Grip Bicep Curls- 15x (use 8- 15 lb dumbbells)

–                    Overhead Tricep Extension- 15x (use 10-20 lb dumbbells- or hold both lighter dumbbells)

–                    Wide Grip (Externally Rotated) Bicep Curls- 15x (use 8-15 lb dumbbells)

–                    Tricep Dips- 15x


Abs Circuit: (do this circuit just one time through, rest in child’s pose when you need to between Plank exercises)

–                    Plank- hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute

–                    Plank Alternating Leg Extension- 10x/ side

–                    Plank Alternation Side Toe Tap- 10x/ side

–                    Plank Pikes- 15x

–                    Basic Crunch- 20x

–                    Bicycle Crunches- 10x/ side

–                    Boat Pose- hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute

–                    Reverse Crunches- 15x

Rest and Pat Yourself on the Back! J

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