NoFo Local: Caffeine, secret ribs, & trespassing with Brandon Andrews.

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I have some egg-cellent follow-up coming soon on the Egg Series, but I was so excited about the new North Fork section that I simply had to jump right in! A big part of this section is going to be dedicated to getting to know the North Fork on an intimate level by asking its residents where to go, what to eat, and what to see. This way, we get a view of this beautiful region from different perspectives…not just my own! I chose my friend, and neighbor, Brandon for our first North Fork interview because we share an equal passion for food and love of the region. It helps that he grew up here as well, since he may be able to offer us some more off-the-grid recommendations!


Name: Brandon Andrews

From: Peconic

Occupation: Chef at Braun Seafood Company


TRK: Why did you choose Aldo’s coffee shop for our meeting?

Brandon Andrews: Well, caffeine first and foremost! It’s a great walk, especially since I live right in Greenport, and I like to support local businesses. Also, the fact that Aldo’s was able to give the boot to Starbucks is pretty amazing.

TRK: That is a serious feat!

BA: Yea it was! It was across the street and it was just one of those small business wins. Also in the summer when its not raining sitting outside by the park with an amazing buttery croissant and reading with a french press…you don’t get much better than that. People think its mostly a to-go place but I love staying for an hour or longer!

TRK: You’ve had a long, exhausting work day…where’s the first place you go for a tall cold one?

BA: It would have to be First and South. It’s so comfortable, almost like an extension of your living room. There’s really nothing else like that around here. The other bars are really great, but First pours a damn good Guinness!

TRK: There are so many vineyards on the North Fork, I am starting to feel a little cross-eyed. Any recommendations?

BA: Absolutely. My top three are Bedell, love what they do there. Lenz, Erik Fry has done amazing work there for 20 some odd years and their ‘old vines’ are awesome. I am also a huge fan of Macari, you gotta give the North Road some love too.

TRK: I want a great meal but I don’t want to drop a lot of cash, where do I go?

BA: Ahh. I love Love Lane Kitchen and they do have some really great deals. Monday nights they do burger and beer, but they also do fish and chips, black bean burgers, vegetarian specials. They mix it up! OR, if you just want a good sandwich, we are so fortunate where we live that every road ends at water. Just stop at the Harborfront, or any local deli and take it to the beach…that’s hard to beat.

TRK: Where can I go to be outdoors with a good friend and a bottle of wine? (not that we want to trespass…but we will.)

BA: And you should. You absolutely should. Growing up here, it’s just part of life. Every dead end is great, my personal favorite is 67 steps because the sunset is incredible.

TRK: How do you get there?

BA: Take Main street away from town towards the North road and make a left on Sunset. Take it all the way to the end and there’s 67 steps down to the Sound. Another is actually a private beach so don’t tell anyone I told you. It’s called Lacey Beach, it’s on the bay down Indian Neck Lane and then down Robinson all the way to the end. You have a great view of Shelter Island and even all the way down to Montauk and Nassau Point.

TRK: Don’t worry, we’re only telling the internet.

BA: Oh, that’s fine.


TRK: Is there something that happens annually or regularly that we might not know about?

BA: Yes! During the summer, the Baptist church just to the west of the town dump. Sorry, that does not sound very illustrious. It’s the third or fourth Saturday they do these on-pointe ribs and collard greens…I know you don’t like collard greens.

TRK: I am always willing to try anything twice. Especially if ribs are involved!

BA: Definitely try and get into these. The movies at Old Field is a great low key activity, and the Music in the Park series here in Greenport every Monday.

TRK: I went to some of those last summer, so fun! We brought a cooler packed with food and….adult beverages. Shh.

BA: Yes! They turn a blind eye to coolers which is great. Nothing better than great music by the water, with that sunset, good local wine and friends. Definitely worth staying an extra day if you’re out here for the weekend.

TRK: Thank you so much for your recommendations, I hope some of our readers take advantage of them this summer!


Photos by Katelyn Luce, local North Fork photographer and blogger:


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