NoFo Local: Strong margaritas and huffing balsamic with Morgant & Jay

Happy Friday!

For this entry of North Fork Local, I sat down with Morgant Fiedler and Jason Jimenez, both residents of Greenport. We met at (newly-discovered for me) Sophie’s. A little bar and restaurant hiding in a simple old white house just off the Main Road in Southold. Easily missed, this very “gezellig” little place is where a lot of locals meet up after a rough SPIN class at Jabs in Cutchogue for a well-deserved beer or glass of wine. That is of course, if all the seats aren’t taken by the veteran patrons who have been coming to Sophie’s for years. This sort of business is hard to come by these days, and I am glad someone finally showed me the way to Sophie’s…

photos by Katelyn Luce of

TRK: Why did you choose Sophie’s for our get-together?
Morgant and Jay: Pizza!
Jay: Pizza and beer!
Morgant: Pizza and wine for me, they have local wines by the glass which is awesome. I didn’t even order pizza this time because the specials sounded so good.
TRK: Wheres the best place to see a North Fork sunset?
Morgant: The causeway in Orient, it’s open to the water on both sides so no matter where the sun is setting you have options all around you. Rocky point road is another good one, it’s similiar to “67 steps”, but the view from the top is great too.
Jay: I love the Audobon nature hike on Chapel Lane. You go through the conservatory over a few little bridges and the view is beautiful once you reach the bird watching area.
TRK: If someone were to spend a day on Shelter Island, what should they do first?
Jay: Sunset Beach!
Morgant: Yes! It’s a hotel with a restaurant…it’s a little expensive but its really good people watching. You can even bring your own and park yourself on the beach and just watch everyone drink their expensive drinks.
Jay: Or go inside for a frozen margarita, they’re really strong. You only need two..
TRK: Only two?
Morgant: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
TRK: Where do I get a last-minute gift on the North Fork?
Jay: Vines and Branches right in the village of Greenport is amazing…I just walk around the store and get high off of balsamic vinegars and olive oil infusions. ::laughs::
Morgant: On that note, right across the way is Clarks Garden which is my favorite place to go for any presents. It’s so amazing, so many beautiful flowers especially these great little orchids for about $15. Its my go-to place for gifts…and for myself.
TRK: Ok guys, where’s the dance party at?
Jay and Morgant: Claudio’s.
Morgant: It’s on a dock, surrounded by water which is nice. The cover kind of sucks but it can be really fun on Saturdays. But we’ve had some really awesome on-the-fly unannounced dance parties at First & South. They’re pretty open to music suggestions and if you go with a group of friends the dance party kind of starts itself.
Any other advice for North Fork first-timers?
Morgant: Hit as many of the small wineries as you can, you can’t go wrong there.
Jay: And get a driver!
Morgant: Oh yes, very important!
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