Welcome to The Righteous Knife!

My name is Alicia. Hi!


I am a CIA-trained chef living out on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. I started therighteousknife as a place to share my culinary & creative meanderings with you, and to answer any related inquiries you may have.

Some things that are really important to me:

-Loving & feeding my friends & family

-Eating real food (Local whenever possible, organic always.)

-Consuming ethically.

-Maintaining a clean & organized home

-Keeping my creative mind active

-Wine & Gin

-Doing the right thing.

If you have anything to share, please e-mail me at therighteousknife@gmail.com

You could totally be anywhere else, but you’re here. That, is awesome to me. Thank you.

xo alicia

tRK Contributors

Meet Delia Sarich, our NYC contributor


Delia is a Brooklyn-based writer and concierge, and will be TRK’s knowledgable NYC contributor. Currently working for Abigail Michaels, a luxury concierge service for well-heeled New Yorkers, Delia will provide bi-weekly posts on where to eat, special events, and foodie finds. Her passions include wine, weekend trips, and searching for the perfect charcuterie plate.  Delia resides in Brooklyn and always has a bottle of something sparkling and some individually-wrapped Alouette ready to go.
Meet Cara Oslager, our Health & Nutrition Contributor
Cara grew up out on eastern Long Island and lived in DC while attending university.  In DC, Cara got her degree in Exercise Science with a focus in nutrition.  Currently, she is a certified personal trainer, working with clients out in the Hamptons.  Health has been extremely important to Cara ever since she was younger.  Growing up as a vegetarian (with a short stint eating chicken ages 13-16… a rebellious phase in her eyes…) does NOT, by any means, let her discriminate against meat-eaters.  Cara has a wholesome love for fresh, local ingredients; foods from many different cultures; and tasty (sometimes healthy) sweet-treats!  In writing for TRK, she hopes to share some healthy tips for daily life as well as a couple of nutritious ideas and options when it comes to creating meals!

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