Where I’ve been, and what’s to come!

And we’re back! SO much has happened in the last month, and I think I made a wise choice in shuttin’ this train down for a bit. I hot-potaoed the idea for a while before deciding that I needed to … Continue reading

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TRK is getting some rest & an aesthetic revival

Hello Hello!

Welcome to the new year! I hope everyone is feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on another year. I am not one for resolutions (in fact I secretly eye-roll so hard at them) but this year I actually made a few: Continue reading

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Tuscany has a good thing going on

Oh hey! It would appear that over a weeks time went by without me even realizing! I have to stop using “the holidays” as a an excuse to justify not doing a little writing because what seems to be happening … Continue reading

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I am the laziest tourist I know – Rome, Italy

Guys, I am a terrible tourist. Or maybe I’m the best tourist because I am terrible at being one. I have a confession to make, which is that when I travel I actually am not too excited to stand in … Continue reading

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Dutch Design Week kickstarts a creative streak

Hallo again! So as some of you may know from personally hearing me babble on about it, I was really looking forward to Dutch Design Week and was beyond elated to have the timing of my visit align so perfectly! … Continue reading

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