Christmas recipes for the procrastinator

Not that I am one in general. But when it comes to leisure and the holidays- I absolutely am. I have to pick my battles and when I am not “clocked in” somewhere I find self-inflicted pressure very unappealing. In … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, afterwards.

I considered doing a post on Thanksgiving recipes, but then I had a different idea. What about Thanksgiving, afterwards? All those leftovers don’t really need doctoring, considering piling them high on a plate and giving them 2 minutes of microwave … Continue reading

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the Bacon, Parsnip & Butternut soup cure

Ok so maybe it’s not ALL bacon, but I definitely like this soup mostly because the ingredients are all cooked in bacon fat and the garnish is the resulting crispy little pieces of bacon. It was the first thing I … Continue reading

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Recipe Roundup, adios summer

Hello! So I have had this feeling in my stomach lately resulting from blog neglect. It’s strange because this blog is mine, and I decide when to post…yet somehow when I don’t post for a week I get a little … Continue reading

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somethin’ seasonal: soslu patlican & a watermelon cool-down

by Cara Oslager Somethin’ Seasonal Although summer is coming to a close…. and that really hurts to say…. it does NOT mean that your seasonal selections become slim!  In NY, into September and October, there is still an abundance of … Continue reading

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