Holiday Season workout

by Cara Oslager You ate a ton on Thanksgiving  I’ve been MIA (Sorry!).  This is pretty much because I’ve been eating a ton too…. between the cold weather, my travels to Madrid and Salamanca, and the holiday, I have not … Continue reading

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what the what is a TRX? (and other new workout trends)

by Cara Oslager Let’s talk about those oddly named gym classes that you have to go home and google.  Let’s discuss that even as a personal trainer, I need to look up new fitness trends clients mention ALL OF THE … Continue reading

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Quest for a less-sinful frozen dessert begins…

by Cara Oslager Frozen Desserts I’m all about dessert.  I would gladly choose a chocolate-vanilla swirl cone with rainbow sprinkles over an extra drink  or even chips/pretzels/chex mix all combined.  My sweet tooth has lead me to try many, many … Continue reading

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somethin’ seasonal: soslu patlican & a watermelon cool-down

by Cara Oslager Somethin’ Seasonal Although summer is coming to a close…. and that really hurts to say…. it does NOT mean that your seasonal selections become slim!  In NY, into September and October, there is still an abundance of … Continue reading

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Go for the goal, but keep it real

by Cara Oslager It’s almost a new month!  Let’s get plannin’! In high school, my friends thought it was amusing to steal and hide my daily planner throughout the day, leading me to have minor anxiety-based breakdowns and make a … Continue reading

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